Do you want to encourage your children to become Curious Reader

What the courses are about?

Empowered Teaching Blue Print is the first level which is conceptual and enhances your confidence in building connection and taking the preliminary steps towards enhancing your child’s interest to reading.

Empowered Teaching Set Up Challenge is more tactical and hands-on in using powerful strategies to build fluency, and inquiry and also improve the self-esteem of your child.


Empowered Teaching Blue Print

Level 1

Here’s the Level 1 course bundle Empowered Teaching Blue Print, which guides you to connect with your child in novel ways and generate interest and inquisitiveness in your child towards books.

Opting for the 6-course bundle gives additional benefits of improving your child’s comprehension, attention, and compliance and also strategies for you as parents to manage your own emotions.

Empowered Teaching Set-Up Challenge

Level 2

Here’s our Level 2 Empowered Teaching Set Up challenge gives you step-by-step strategies using teaching aids to build fluency in reading spelling, and enhance sentence constructions. This level also focuses on improving communication and social skills, building confidence, and working memory strategically.

You will be actually using guided and established strategies to connect, impact, and influence your child positively toward active learning.

One to One Coaching

Level 3

Parenting Children with Special Needs: Supporting Development, Advocacy, and Inclusion

  • Inclusive education environment at home

  • Finding the right schools

  • Emotional management for parents

  • Behavioral management of kids with special needs such as mild to moderate autism, and ADHD

  • Support for a period of 4 months

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