Helping kids joyously improve their literacy skills and inculcate power reading habits without yelling or shouting using my "4-Step Power Reading Framework"

Discover the pathway to inspire your child to become a leader

Hi I’m Supriya Raja..

I am on a mission to help kids joyously improve their literacy skills and inculcate power reading habits without yelling or shouting using my
"4-Step Power Reading Framework".

I believe that each child is truly unique and different. When you connect with children with enthusiasm respecting them as individuals, they blossom into confident, curious, and self-assured people. They connect and comply with you as well.

I’m a parent myself, and I know how hard it can be to know what’s right for your child. That’s why I created this Podcast and YouTube channel.

Why Power Reading Hub?

  • Get your child to improve literacy skills such as reading, spelling, syntax, comprehension, and oral expression.

  • Learn how to create a reading-rich environment in your home.

  • Learn how to choose books that your children will love.

  • Learn how to help your children develop a lifelong love of reading.

  • Connect with other parents who are passionate about raising readers.

  • Receive a certificate of completion.

  • Learn how to overcome challenges of attention comprehension, and compliance-related issues in your child when building this habit.

  • Learn how to manage your own emotions while on this roller coaster ride.


Empowered Teaching

Blue Print


Start your amazing journey in this conceptual course by connecting , generating interest and inspiring your child to view reading as truly magical experience.

Empowered Teaching

Set Up Challenge


Go deeper by using the tools and aids to build reading, spelling, and syntax skills. Workaround inculcating social and communication skills, memory, and enhanced self-worth to develop a holistic development of your child.

One to One Coaching


Parenting Children with Special Needs: Supporting Development, Advocacy, and Inclusion

What Other Parents Are Saying

Supriya’s support led to significant improvements in my 10 year old son’s reading, writing, concentration, and listening skills. Grateful for finding the right place.

Sonia Priyadarshini

Mother of a 10 year old

Supriya’s Power Reading Program provided valuable aids and resources for my son’s learning difficulties, fostering a stronger parent-child bond. Techniques like shadow reading and visualization proved effective. Grateful for Supriya’s support.


Mother of a 7 year old

With Supriya’s training my 6 year old’s attention problem and her reading skills improved. The inner circle calls gave me confidence in reading to my child in an interesting way.


Mother of a 6 year old

Hi Mam, Good morning 🙏

I praise God for your wonderful teaching to My Son Abiel
Edwin Immanuel. V. I wanted to share this with you when we don't know what to do for his academics. As per your advice, we met doctors and took tests, and we
found he has ADHD & SLD disorders. When we found it, we were very much worried and panicked. But the doctor suggests us to take remedial classes with

My son Abiel was not able to read more than 3 letters words in his 6th grade. When he was in the 7th grade, the doctor suggested he go back to his regular school and put him in full remedial classes school. Even his regular
school also gave us time for his 7th grade. Though, as parents, we went through so much in school and other places. Especially my son suffered a lot from
bullies, inferiority complex, and much more. But we thank God! here since we continued the classes with you. We were able to see the drastic difference in
his reading. Now he can able to read 8 letters and words by himself.

He has much more confidence in his reading now, and we have not moved him from his
regular school, he is continuing 7th grade in the same school now.

Thank you! so much for your teaching, help,
and patience with my son Abiel. It's almost going to be a year now. We thank
you again for your wonderful teaching services for the kids like him.

God bless you and your family ❤

Our prayers are always there for you, mam. 🙏❤

with love &
regards, Abiel mother.

Testimony of a mother of a 12-year-old boy.

Hello Ms. Supriya. Good afternoon.

I would like to express my gratitude towards my son's
improvement in reading and phonic sounding as concurred by his teachers during
the PTA this week.

We have been seeing a tremendous improvement in his reading and most importantly interest in reading now. In the process, his handwriting has seen an advancement as well. He looks forward to your classes and finds it
interesting, we owe it to your nature and how you handle the kids. This acts as a motivation and a path we need to pursue towards working with the kids in the

With the interest created, we can see his attention span
enhanced helping in better grasp the subject and the confidence with which he
can handle the subjects.

I am obligated that we could introduce him at the right time
to have him molded under your wings with utmost care.

Thank you so much.

Warm regards,

Preethi Anirudh.

Testimony of mother of a 6 year old.

My heartfelt gratitude to Supriya for helping my daughter concerning her academics.

After COVID due to Zoom class 3rd & 4th Std, she
completely lost attention in class so she struggled a lot with spelling, writing & reading 📚as an extrovert kid in her 5th Std we came to know she was an introvert in her class that was a huge blow for me being a parent. After talking to her I understand the school 🏫

environment is not supportive of her not blaming the school if it didn't work for her.

For 6th I changed the school 🏫 and took 1 to 1 sessions
with Supriya to help my daughter with reading 📚and writing ✍

Saw a lot of improvement in her academics, her interest in
reading and writing has improved a lot 👏she is the class leader and also a rank holder in her class.

My biggest surprise was she started writing ✍

her stories for which she asked my help to publish them in the future...

Thank you so much, Supriya, not possible
without you 

❤ 💛


💗 Dr. Sandhya Tele physio.

Testimony of a mother of a 12-year-old girl.

I have started a remedial class for my son because of his
concentration problem. After some initial classes, he is good at reading, and his ability to understand stories started improving. His concentration started
improving after these remedial classes. He can connect something with the knowledge he gained. Now I'm also confident in his reading skills.

I have started the 4 weeks challenge for my son as a part of Supriya Mam's program.

Initially, it was difficult to sustain this challenge. I
keep on continuing the challenge.

As I was consistent in that, I was able to see some changes in the 2nd week itself.

I can implement different methods as said in the Supriya
Mam's empowered teaching programme.

More than just seeing and reading that program, I can see
better results after implementing that.

Dr. Selvapriya Vimal.

Testimony of a mother of an 8-year-old.

Good evening, Ma'am. This message is to thank you for the lovely parent program that I attended. It was really helpful not just for parenting it has also helped me with my personal life. The gratitude activity spreads positivity. I'll refer you to fellow parents to have a happy parenting journey. The meditation part helps a lot in balancing our emotions and staying cool despite the external circumstances. Thanks again for the wonderful 6 weeks, Ma'am ❤.

As I said I'm grateful to God for bringing this lovely person into my life.

Parent testimony for the Parent Program

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